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Cotswold Manufacturing produce internal bespoke doorsets in both assembled and door kit form. A complete ‘take off’ service is offered to ensure that customer and site requirements are fully met.


Doors are available in the following finishes:
Veneered –  concealed or exposed lippings
Paint grade – concealed or exposed lippings
Laminate – concealed or exposed lippings 
Foil wrapped and CPL doors – concealed lippings
Moulded skin – various designs


Door Frames
Frames are available in the following materials:
Primed, paper wrapped or veneered MDF
Primed softwood
Primed hardwood
Lacquered hardwood


Cotswold Manufacturing’s state of the art CNC machines prepare for a wide range of products from standard hinges and basic locks to 3 point locks, drop seals, concealed overhead door closers, proximity readers, ‘The Safe Hinge’, floor springs, letter boxes, door viewers, Perkomatic type closers, lift off hinges, rise and fall hinges, spring hinges, security hinges. Bolt through ironmongery can be prepared for on requested.


Doorset Performance 
Doorsets are available in the following categories:
Non fire rated 


Doorset Performance (Acoustics)
Various acoustic ratings are available up to 44dB.


This is achieved by using either a combination of intumescent smoke and drop seals or on non fire door sets a combination of bat wing and drop seal. A glass opening in a door will affect the dB rating and this is to be taken into consideration when specifying.


Door set Performance (Secured by Design)
Cotswold Manufacturing are also a licence holder for Secured by Design PAS23/24 internal doorsets, and can include the proximity reader system.


Doorsets can be supplied with glass openings which will be supplied in accordance with our Certifire certificate where necessary.


Doorsets are delivered to site on strong pallets wrapped in polythene and braced to ensure safe transportation. Each pallet is labelled to ease identification of site location.


To ease distribution on site all individual doorsets are labelled with a specific location reference, door number, door type and size, wall thickness, handing and lock/latch detail. This information assists the on-site installation process. Housing doorsets are palletised in house lots.

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Acoustic Doors

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